In this project you will design and create a game for you and your friends
to play! You will need to think about its different parts and plan your ideas before you begin making it on Scratch. You can use ideas from past projects and Scratch cards to help you.

STEP 1: Planning your game

What is the aim of the game? (For example, the aim of Felix & Herbert was to avoid getting caught by the cat.) It might help for you to think of as many ideas as you can then choose the best. You could brainstorm with a friend or work on your own. Write your ideas below and choose the best one.

STEP 2: Design your characters

What characters will be in your game? Draw them in the box below. If they will need different costumes make sure you draw these too. Ask for more paper if you need it.

STEP 3: Design your stage

What will the stage look like? Draw it below. Remember to think about how
the characters might interact with it.

STEP 4: How does your game work?

How will points be scored? How do you win the game? How many players are there? Will there be a timer?
How will the game be controlled? E.g. Will you click a mouse button or press a key? Do you need sound effects? If so, what are they?
Answer these questions in the space below:

STEP 5: Building your game

Now it’s time to start writing the scripts that will make your game work.

Things to remember:

  1. You can always refer back to the Scratch cards and the games you have already built.
  2. Remember to test your project and save your game regularly.
  3. Be creative!