(Make Your Own Game)###Introduction:In this project you will design and create a game for you and your friendsto play! You will need to think about its different parts and plan your ideas before you begin making it on Scratch. You can use ideas from past projects and Scratch cards to help you.###SkillsThis project covers

  • Design* Planning* Bug fixing###ResourcesThe children will be designing their own resources for this project including characters, stage and sound design. Have extra paper ready for the children in case they need it. Make sure there are pens and pencils available to draw with. You will need to have a think about how many sessions the children will do this project over. The design and planning stage could take them a whole session or even two. Plan it before you start then inform the children how long they have.###Basic exercises* Step 1: Planning your game* Step 2: Design your characters* Step 3: Design your stage* Step 4: How does your game work? * Step 5: Building your game