Sound machine (level 5)


In this project your students will design their own sound machine. Sorry guys but this is going to get noisy unless your students have headphones! They’ll need to think about the different parts of the machine, what sounds they make then record the sounds and build the machine in Scratch. Then when the machine is built they can write and record a tune! You’ll thank us later!

Project plan

This project should take 3-4 weeks to complete

  • Week 1: Planning what the machine looks like and the sounds it’ll make.
  • Week 2: Create the parts of the machine in Scratch using the paint tool and record the sounds.
  • Week 3: Build the machine with sounds and sprite changes
  • Week 4: Write and record a song using the sound recorder


The children will be designing their own sound machine parts and can use sounds from the Scratch resources if no sound recording equipment is available at your school. Print one machine planning sheet per child and one set of machine parts cards can be shared between 2/3 children.

Machine part cards to be printed:

  • Drums
  • Piano
  • Sound sample
  • Create a sound recorder